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Dear Web Members,
     Due to the lack of interest, I am closing the main site of Web Hogwarts. I see no point in keeping it up, as to no one really comes here except to use the Shoutbox or Forums. Because of this, I will keep the Forums and Shoutbox up and running. You can still come to this site to access them.
      Also, I have a proposition. If anyone wants to take over Web Hogwarts, then I will gladly let them access the control panel. The only thing that I will ask is that I can still access it myself. (This means that you shouldn't be able to change the password.)
     My affiliate buttons will still remain up, so that advertisement for them is still going on. I bid you all a fond farewell.
                                                Lee Sinistra
                                          (Headmistress of Web Hogwarts)